• Kampagne_SM_SN_2015_Timm_Allrich

    Fairytale Castle

  • Dom, Pfaffenteich, Altstadt

    Old Town

  • Herbstfarben

    Parks and Gardens


Welcome to Schwerin

Attractions, Activities and Accomodation

Der Schlossgarten mit seinen großen Wasserflächen What To See Of course there is the magnificent castle. There is more! Find Schwerin's most interesting sights and places to visit.
Service and Information Any information you need for preparing your stay in Schwerin. How to get here, book accomodation or buy tickets for great events online.
Stadtführung in Schwerin auf dem Marktplatz What To Do There are a lot of things to do. Get hints on how to experience the city and get in touch with people. And save the date for great events!
uebernachten_paar_310x175 Where To Stay Find Hotels, inns and B&Bs. See images, rates per night and capacities at a glance and book online.

How to pronounce Schwerin?

A question, that many guests ask is how to pronounce the name of the city "Schwerin". If you pronounce Schwerin like >Sh - wear - ee - n< you are close to the pronounciation of the citizens of Schwerin. German "Sch" is generally spoken like the english >sh<. "-wer-" is stressed or spoken "broadly", which is typical for Northern Germany and will sound a lot like "wear". "-in" is also spoken prolonged, so it will be pronounced like the ee  in English Language.