• A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    Shopping in der Altstadt - Buschstraße
    A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
  • Keramikatelier in der Altstadt
    Individuelle Urlaubsmitbringsel gibt es in der Altstadt - direkt vom Künstler
    Keramikatelier in der Altstadt
  • A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    In der Altstadt locken Inhabergeführte Boutiquen - Buschstraße
    A.Duerst, STUDIO 301

More than souvenirs

  • Go for Shopping - The Malls in the City Centre

    • Schweriner Höfe

      A small mall with shops dedicated to creativity, arts and special food. Market with local products fresh fish, vegetables , cheese and more every friday.

    • Marienplatzgalerie

      An elegant white mall and doorway to the historic city centre. Central parking garage.

    • Schlosspark-Center

      Biggest mall with hundreds of shops. Central parking garage.

    • Historic Warehouse Kressmann

      A warehouse for clothing founded in 1911 and still going.

  • Insider's tips for shopping - Some special shops in the City Centre

    • Local Farmer's Market Wed 10 am - 6 pm

      Farmers and traders from the area around Schwerin offer fresh products like bread, fish, meat (organic), cheese, spices, fruits and vegetables. The market takes places on Wednesdays at the market square (Adress: Am Markt) near of the tourist-information from 10 am to 6 pm. Adress: Am Markt 14

    • Kreative Kaufhaus

      Individual souvenirs, handmade and and designed in the area. Decorative Arts, Artwork, Fabric and more. Located within the mall "Schweriner Höfe". Adress: Klöresgang

    • Der Klockenschauster

      The name translates to clock-cobbler. The owner of the workshop is an expert clockmaker though and far from a dabbler. He repairs broken historic clocks and watches and loves to give interested people some insights into his work. Adress: Münzstraße 21

    • Otto Preusslers Cigar Shop

      Schwerins smallest shop is worth visiting even if you do not smoke at all. The interiour of the shop was made in 1927. Of cours you can get cigarettes, cigars, tabacco and spiritshere. Adress: Friedrichsstraße 6

    • Talula

      Fine Arts, Handiwork, Ceramic Art, Jewellery, classic Wool and Plaid. Adress: Puschkinstraße 78

    • Formost

      Eastern German Design was functional and modern at its best times. At Formost you can buy toys, furniture, lamps, clocks and useful products designed in former GDR - When "designers" were still called "Formgestalter". Adress: Puschkinstraße 26

    • Das Kontor

      Inside you find Arts and Crafts - not from all over the world, but from local artists, designers and workshops. Paintings, prints, jewellry, porcellain - everyting unique and not your "everyday" souvenir. Adress: Puschkinstraße 36

    • Stein und Design

      Arts and crafts made from platin, silver or gold for people, who like extravagance or special design. Adress: Schusterstraße/ Enge Straße

    • Mrs. Riegers Hatmakers Workshop

      Caps, hats and bonnets pile up in the small milliners shop. Mrs Rieger is one of the last true modistes in Germany. She finds a hat for every head or creates one from scratch. Adress: Großer Moor 15

  • Antiques and Curiosities

    • Adress: Friedrichsstraße

      Behind historic walls you can look for second hand clothing, antique artwork, furniture, design and more.

    • Auctions and Sales

      At the market square you find a shop selling all kinds of antiques and fine arts. Once a month there is an auction taking place. Adress: Am Markt 13

    • Adress: Großer Moor

      Several masters of crafts that became rare in our modern times have their workshops here. Find: a miliner, a sailmaker, a chocolate manufacturer, a clockmaker, a skinner, a jewellry designer and a bookbinder