• Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    Explore Schwerin by boat
    Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
  • Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    Familie im Schlossgarten Schwerin
    Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
  • Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301

Schwerin and its lakes

The lakes in and around Schwerin offer very high and constant water quality. Approved by the “Blue Flag” of the European Union.

Blue is the main colour of Schwerin, oldest town of Mecklenburg and dominated by its twelve lakes. The greatest of them all is lake Schweriner See: only few people know that it’s actually one of the biggest lakes in Germany with 64 square kilometres. With its small bays and islands it is the highlight of any visit to Schwerin. In spring and summer season you can see many sailing boats crossing the waters, people on the beaches and outdoor cafés along the lakeside.

Where to go swimming

Badestelle Zippendorfer Strand

Schwerin is the perfect place to go swimming and dive into the deep. All the lakes and small islands around the Palace have been formed by the last ice age. Today it is easy to get into the summer feeling, for example at Zippendorf beach with its fine white sand. It’s almost like a holiday by the sea.

Zippendorf Beach and Promenade

In Zippendorf beach you’ll find a long stretch of white sand, making you feel like being by the sea. The spot is not even far from the city centre, easy to reach on foot or by bike, by the southern shore of lake Schweriner See.

Ever since the 19th century, Zippendorf has been a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The lakeside promenade, villas, cafés and restaurants are typical of this part of town and underline the holiday feeling. Every summer hundreds of sun-seekers come here to relax, play beach volleyball, go out or have a drink.

The water quality is perfect for swimming, having been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union. And of course safety comes first, as the beach is supervised by water rescue.

Lake Schweriner Innensee: Am Reppin

This spot is probably the most romantic place of the area. Located in Schwerin-Muess behind the castle of Reppin, there is a large green sunbathing area with a great view of lake Schweriner See.

Lake Schweriner Innensee: Kalkwerder

The outdoor swimming pool in Kalkwerder by the shore of lake Schweriner See is easy to reach via bicycle and hiking tracks. It is the perfect place for young and old where you can enjoy sports and go swimming, including diving boards, changing facilities, non-swimmers’ pool and a water slide for kids.

Schweriner Aussensee: Seehof 

This place offers green spaces and great opportunities to go sunbathing, do sports and have a picnic. Located near a camping site, it has a bathing dock and shallow lakeshore, ideal for a perfect summer’s day.

Lake Ostorfer See: Leisure resort Kaspelwerder 

In Kaspelwerder, you’ll find nice green sunbathing areas, an excellent starting point to go swimming. The leisure resort provides all kinds of free time activities: table tennis, pool and boat hire.

Lake Lankower See 

All around lake Lankower See there are many small beaches and swimming areas, as well as playgrounds and a boat hire. It is also the best place to go for a walk through the beautiful hillside paths and enjoy the view of the waterside.