• Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    Schwerin Castle and Garden
    Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
  • Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
    Explore Schwerin by boat
    Foto: A.Duerst, STUDIO 301
  • A Group with a Tour Guide at the Red Palour
    Schwerin Castle Museum Foto: Catharina Groth
    A Group with a Tour Guide at the Red Palour
  • Geocaching: Walking tours and bike tours. Photo: Christina Schade
    Geocaching mit dem Rad, Foto: Christina Schade
    Geocaching: Walking tours and bike tours. Photo: Christina Schade

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Still an insider's tip in Germany - The sparkling city by the lakes with the Fairy Tale Castle

If visitors come to Schwerin and see the castle for the first time, they often exclaim "This is like a fairytale castle!". Indeed the castle with it's colden pinnacles and the cupola with the golden statue of St. Michael looks powerful and delicate at the same time. Sparkling brightly and reflecting the sun like a jewel. Schwerin palace on the small island seems to float on the lake.

It is a real castle, built by a real person around 1857 - His royal highness Friedrich Franz II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. From this island the royal family had ruled over Mecklenburg for hundreds of years. Their reign lasted from medieval times until 1918.

Schwerin holds more treasures to visitors than this magnificent castle. It is surrounded by a landscape where nature and works of men merge. Forests and hills meet gardens and parks, mighty brick gothic churches and town palaces are embraced by twelve lakes. It combines traditional timber framework buildings in narrow streets and stately homes on promenades. All attractions and sight are located closely to the beautiful Schwerin Castle and only a stone's throw away from the dreamy rural landscapes of the countryside of Mecklenburg.

Welcome to Schwerin!

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