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Schwerin Palace Museum

Over the centuries, the Grand Dukes of Mecklenburg have collected a great number of precious objects and brought them to Schwerin, their ducal residence. This tradition turned the city into a treasure chest for arts and architecture. At the very heart of it you’ll find the Palace, situated on an island in lake Schweriner See. Today it is not only the town’s landmark, but also home to the State Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Palace Museum, which is open to the public. Schwerin Palace is one of the most stunning and most prominent examples of romantic historicism, with its lavishly decorated facade, countless little towers and turrets and its unique location on an island in the middle of the city. As beautiful as it is on the outside, it is on the inside: the Palace Museum tells the stories of the Grand Dukes and their reign, where history comes alive and visitors become travellers through the centuries.

Golden glory

Inside the glorious living rooms and banquet halls of the Palace, you can have a look at the historic furnishings and elaborate intarsia floors. Even the walls and ceilings show rich decoration and ornaments. Standing in the great Throne Hall, you can still feel the atmosphere of the era. Schwerin Palace is also famous for its throne apartments. Following Napoleon’s example, these rooms were built in a ceremonial order, which cannot be found anywhere else in Europe today. On three floors, the museum presents only the most impressive paintings, sculptures and artwork of the 19th century. Even the ducal children’s rooms can be visited, where porcelain from Meissen and Berlin is on display. A large collection of antique hunting arms rounds off this tour through history.

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Schwerin Palace Museum

Lennéstraße 1
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Der Thronsaal im Museum Schloss Schwerin ist der prunkvollste Raum des Wahrzeichens.