A kingdom with a fairy-tale palace

Where the guest is king: your city trip

Together, Schwerin and its palace make a brilliant holiday destination. Here our guests can be kings – with a view of Schwerin’s fairy-tale palace. All around the heart of the city you can discover treasures of art and culture, architecture and nature. Welcome to a royal holiday!

Christmas Market Schwerin

"The Star of the north" - from 24 November to 30 December 2014

A tobbogan run and ice rink, a singing bear and thousands of lights on the houses. This market with its lovable, christmassy decorated stands glamourise that special atmosphere during the pre-Christmas time in the city centre. And every day Santa Claus is taking lists of presents.


Medieval festival from 07 to 09 November 2014

Every year in November the "Martensmann", a town hall porter from Lübeck, travels on a hand truck to Schwerin and brings a barrel of "Rotspon" to the capital. Visitors will experience colorful market activities with stands of local artisans as well as historic carrousels and solid kickshaws.

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Wahrzeichen und beliebtestes Fotomotiv von Schwerin: das Schweriner Schloss