Memorial "Runder Tisch"

The artwork by Guillermo Steinbrüggen from Lübeck has been made from stone and steel. It reminds of political processes and events around 1989 and 1990 when the former German Democratic Republic came to an end peacefully.

The sculpture of the "Round Table" reminds the political events of 1989 and 1990, when many citizens were engaged in numerous political debates for a better future of their country and a better personal life with democracy and freedom. At that time in Berlin, a central round table was established on the initiative of several citizens' rights movements. It was to control the then GDR government until the new elections. At the municipal level too, "round tables" were gradually organized, including in Schwerin. The figures around the table represent and caricate different types of people and associations.

The sculpture was made by Guillermo Steinbrüggen during the first meeting of metal sculpture artists in Schwerin that included artists from both parts of Germany. The sculpture was first placed on the market square in front of the Old Town Hall in 1990.  It was bought by the city later. Because it was rusty and always a cause of discussion and debate it was removed after a few years and reworked again. Since 1996, the "round table", now provided with a metallic coating, stands on the small square, where Großer Moor and Puschkin Straße meet.


Memorial "Runder Tisch"