The Lion on the market square

On the north side of the Old Town Market, stands a lion sculpture, reminiscent of Schwerin's founder Heinrich the Lion. This was build up in 1995 on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the death of Heinrich. It was created by the sculptor Peter Lenk from Konstanz.

The historic Market Square tells the story of the city’s foundation and its founding father. With a monument of Henry the Lion, several impressive buildings and lively cafés this spot lies at the heart of Schwerin.

In the eyes of some visitors, the monument of Henry the Lion might even be a bit controversial. Designed by sculptor Peter Lenk on the occasion of Mecklenburg’s 1000th anniversary, it shows some episodes of Henry’s life. On his crusade, in the course of which he also founded the city of Munich, the duke saw one view which still causes some trouble: the so-called bottom parade. Legend has it that when Henry the Lion arrived in the town of Bardowick, its residents greeted him with their naked buttocks to show their resentment. During his reign, he had promoted Schwerin and Lübeck as important trading places, while Bardowick lost importance. The image reminds us of the contempt which the Bardowickers have shown to the Duke ever since.

The further pictures of the column cast a satirical  light on the crusades against the slavic tribes in 1147, the foundation of Schwerin 1160 and the creation of the Braunschweiger Löwen as a symbol of the reign of Heinrich in the residence Braunschweig.


The Lion on the market square