Catholic Church St. Anna

The catholic church St. Anna is located in the city centre. The building was erected in the late 18th century. There are services and concerts taking place on a regular basis. St. Anna houses a significant collection of antique books and bibles.

The churches patron is St.Anna, mother of St. Mary.

Most churches in Mecklenburg have been protestant churches since the time of the Reformation and the 30years war. St. Anna in Schwerin was build in 1791 and had a rich interiour in former times. Today the pulpit is left of that era and a fond, that had been created by the ducal grinding mill and was a gift of the duke. There are several glass windows with portraits of local Saints. The oldest piece of religious art is a figurine of St.Anna (Anna Selbdritt) dating back to the late Middle Ages. Other objects like the cross, altar and other decorations are of modern origin and have been created in the 1980s.

Their is an exhibition about the historic books and bibles, that can be visited on request.



Catholic Church St. Anna

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